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ADATA Ultimate SU800 256 GB

49,90 €
41,58 € bez DPH

ADATA Ultimate SU800 256 GB

Go with the times and expand to your notebook or desktop computer using a modern SSD ADATA Ultimate SU800. Solid State Drive contain no moving parts and therefore are distinguished by extremely high values at the entry and reading of data. Disk ADATA Ultimate is additionally equipped with a new technology of 3D NAND Flash, which provides higher density storage of data, therefore, offers a much greater capacity - up to 1TB!

key features

  • Modern technology 3D NAND flash with higher density of stored data
  • High speed writing / reading of
  • energy saving
  • Bundled software for management and backup

A new generation

The advanced technology of 3D NAND Flash provides a higher density of stored data, and improved reliability. Together with it is able to drive transmit data at an incredible rate. Error writing to 520 MB / s and a reading even at 560 megabytes / sec. Rad SU800 also commends high TBW (Total Bytes Written), which means that it can multiply occupy the entire memory in their lifetime.

Advanced and smart

Intelligent Cache to store SLC allows the disk faster, and improves the performance of reading and writing. Furthermore, it supports the DRAM cache to the disk which is up to two times faster than the disk which are not cached. It is suitable for demanding applications with high intensity of use. Advanced technology ECC LDPC, low density parity high error rate decreases.

maximum saving

Ensures the most economical operation function DEVSLP (Device Sleep), which reduces energy intensity and prolonging battery life when used in the laptop. Compared to traditional hard disks  consumes 80% less power in normal operation. Stan is an ideal choice for users who frequently travel and need to save battery life of their notebooks.

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Parametre a špecifikácia

Typ úložiska

Kapacita úložiska 256 GB (0,26 TB)


Použitie Do počítača, Do notebooku, Interný


Rýchlosť náhodného čítania 80 000 IOPS
Rýchlosť náhodného zápisu 85 000 IOPS
Radič SMI
Funkcie 3D NAND


Šírka 69,85 mm (6,99 cm)
Výška 7 mm (0,7 cm)
Hĺbka 100,45 mm (10,05 cm)


Hmotnosť 47,5 g (0,05 kg)

Veľkosť článku/bunky

Veľkosť článku/bunky TLC (Triple-Level Cell)

Životnosť disku

Životnosť disku 200 TBW
Kód:  DU102p1e
Záruka: 36 mesiacov
Produktové číslo:  ASU800SS-256GT-C
Odkazy: Stránky výrobcu