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WD Black 1 TB

94,90 €
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WD Black 1 TB

Fast and highly reliable hard drive with excellent capacity of 1000 GB full cache to 64 megabytes Its parameters guarantee the superior performance disk, making it a suitable storage for powerful assemblies, multimedia devices and computers designed for gaming. The disc is equipped with a large number of technologies for data protection and trouble-free operation. For maximum response, and the transfer rate is a connector for modern SATA III at up to 6 Gbps.

Amazing speed and capacity

A creative professional, herným enthusiasts and the most demanding users, we offer a new generation of hard disk drives to the spread of the digital world. The latest hard drives for desktop WD Black offer enhanced features that maximize the performance of the system. So you can spend more time in activities you love and retain waiting time.

Unbelievably rate

Unbelievably rate

Múdrejší than conventional discs

Múdrejší than conventional discs

For a player ...

Powerful computers and workstations equipped with high-end components tend to be often the source of vibrations and sound waves, which can reduce the accuracy, and thus the performance of the hard disk. Not even the very best of the housing on the market are not able to completely remove this problem. A new generation of hard disks WD Black powered VCT for controlling vibrations which the plates of the disk drive to accommodate for any vibration on the grip and the chassis.

For Enthusiasts ...

Furthermore VCT technology for controlling vibrations of the disks are also equipped WD Black StableTrac technology which consists in the fixing unit of the motor shaft at both ends, allowing further reduce vibration transmitted from the outside. Technology StableTrac reliably stabilizes the plate inside the disk, resulting in more accurate tracking in a specific sector for reading and writing, and offers better performance (models 2TB and above).

Action is stable traction

Action with a stable traction

High resolution for the finest details

High resolution for the finest details

For creative professional ...

Peel under athletic performance and capacity WD Black drives bring new controller HRC high-resolution and improved  architecture, which provides increased accuracy of writing data to disk. It offers you to a whole new level of speed data access to your digital world.

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Parametre a špecifikácia

Typ úložiska

Kapacita úložiska 1 000 GB (1 TB)


Použitie Do počítača, Vhodný na hranie hier, Interný


Rýchlosť otáčok HDD 7 200 ot./min
Funkcie Advanced Format
Maximálna hlučnosť 30 dB


Šírka 101,6 mm (10,16 cm)
Výška 26,1 mm (2,61 cm)
Hĺbka 147 mm (14,7 cm)


Hmotnosť 450 g (0,45 kg)



Rad disku WD Black
Kód:  FW141f1
Záruka: 60 mesiacov
Produktové číslo:  WD1003FZEX
Odkazy: Stránky výrobcu